Knitwear always brings you an intrinsic feeling of softness, comfort, and warmth. Spending the time and effort hand washing your knitwear might just increase the durability of your special piece.

The sensitivity and value of knitwear is worth your time. Properly washed knitwear can ensure its longevity, and will last multiple years and keep your personal style looking its very best at all times and contribute to you developing a timeless capsule wardrobe.

Washing your knitwear incorrectly can cause your garment to lose shape, shrink or bobble.

Read on below for some hints and tips from our buyers!



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Washing by Hand:

  • Choose a mild detergent with a pH level below 7.
  • Mix the detergent with cool water. In case you need hot water to dissolve the solid soap, wait until it cools to actually submerge the garment in it.
  • Swirl the garment delicately in the water. Remember to not twist or wring out a sweater, as it will lose shape quickly.
  • Lay the garment on a towel and stretch it gently to the correct size and shape before letting it air-dry in the shade.



How to Fix Pulled Yarn:

If you do happen to make a pull in your knitwear, never fear! It can be fixed. Here is a little step-by-step guide to fix it.

  • Find the two ends of the yarn that have been pulled. If it is still a loop, cut the looped yarn in half very carefully so that you have two ends to tie.
  • Tie the two ends in a single knot, then a double knot, gently but firmly – not too tight so that it pulls the yarn through further – but not too loosely so that the knot flaps about.
  • Carefully trim the ends of the yarn off and be careful not to trim the knot as well.



Investing just a few hours every month to properly hand wash your Noni B knitwear, depending on use and wear, will ensure the life of your winter collection capsule. Being mindful and gentle with these wonderful garments can see them last years, giving you a core wardrobe to build upon come each winter.


Proper Storage:

Don't forget the most crucial part!

  • Use our Noni B Clothing Protector to wrap your knitwear up, safeguarded against moths while simultaneously providing a pleasant smell - available in an array of scents.
  • Avoid hanging your knitwear as this will stretch and pull the fabric out of shape - always fold while ensuring the garment is completely dry.
  • Utilise shelving or air tight containers and store your knitwear away from the reach of mold or mildew.
  • If you must hang your knitwear, ensure you only use soft padded hangers to help retain shoulder shape and avoid using this method for heavier knits wherever possible.


Doing due diligence in the wear and care of your knitwear will see you building a wonderful collection that will, in turn, also care for you.