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To keep your Grace by Fairfax & Roberts jewellery pieces looking their best, follow these recommendations:


Real Pearl Collection:

  • Gently wipe pearls with a soft, microfibre cloth after wear.
  • If required, use warm soapy water (pure soap only) to remove any makeup then ensure pearls are completely dry.
  • Avoid wearing pearls in water (salt or fresh water) as it will perish the silk. Water will perish the silk they are strung on or the adhesive used to attach them to earring fittings. The chemicals used in chlorinated water will permanently damage the finish of the pearl, resulting in a dull pearl with no lustre
  • Store pearls in the By Fairfax & Roberts pouch and box supplied. Avoid storing with other jewellery to prevent rubbing against other pieces that may cause scratching on the surface of the pearl.
  • Check stringing of pearls and restring when necessary. Pearls should be restrung every 24 months depending on frequency of wear. An indication if pearls need to be restrung is by assessing the knots between each pearl. If they appear to be stretched or frayed, it’s time to restring.
  • Avoid direct contact with perfume, makeup, tanning and lotions to avoid tarnishing, marking or discolouring the pearls. If the pearls are exposed to any of these, you may wipe them over with a soft damp cloth..



Real Gemstone Collection:

  • To keep your gemstones bright you must avoid spraying them with perfume or makeup. This can dull the look of the gemstone with a build-up of compounds. To remove any build-up, gently wipe over with a damp soft cloth. Alternatively, gently rinse in a bowl of warm water with a little dish washing detergent and dry flat on a towel.
  • The gold finish to the jewellery can be worn off with abrasive cleaners and embedded polishing cloths. We recommend that you simply use a soft damp cloth on the metal fittings and chain.
  • The chemicals used in swimming pools and spas can permanently damage the finish of the gold plating, resulting in a worn look.
  • Never wear earrings or chains while sleeping as they may wear the links or become twisted or tangled resulting in broken links.