It's Plastic Free July, and we've partnered with Clean Up Australia to reduce the use of plastic bags across our stores.



Australians send more than 7,000 plastic bags to landfill every minute?




Plastic bags are killing our precious wildlife.

Australians take more than 10 million plastic bags every day.

Less than 3% of the plastic bags taken are recycled.

10% of the plastic rubbish that ends up in our oceans is plastic bags.

Turtles, whales and sea birds mistake plastic bags for jellyfish.

Nearly 10% of the plastic bags we take at the checkout end up as litter.

So help us break the cycle by saying NO to plastics this month.

To join this cause, we encourage you to:

Bring your own bag when you shop


Donate 30c to take a bag instore



Proceeds will go to Clean Up Australia to support their fight to #banthebag

Begins 2nd of July 2018 at all Noni B stores.